Village of Fredericton Junction

Update #2 from DTI Re: Riverside Drive (Fredericton Junction)

‘After conversations with our Emergency Management Branch, we have decided to not bother putting up a temporary steel-stringer bridge.  Instead, we will be “plating” the hole in the pipe (steel plate and filter fabric) and backfilling the hole with aggregates and then asphalt.  We do not have any concern with the integrity of the culvert or the road so allowing vehicles to drive on the existing road surface will not be an issue, since most of the traffic that travel on this road is local traffic and it is our understanding that there are very few heavy transport trucks that travel on this road.  The timeline remains the same as is the previous DTI memo.’

District 5 – Fredericton

Department of Transportation and Infrastructure

New Brunswick | Nouveau-Brunswick

On the part of the Village, we attempted to do our due diligence and send correspondence via snail mail to keep those informed that do not have social media or access to internet.  This new plan was put out by the DTI engineers at noon today (Nov 8/23) and therefore will not be sent out in the mail. In attempts to not confuse residents more.  We apologize for this inconvenience (on mixed messages with communications).