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January 2021 Newsletter


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As we moved into 2021, we were hoping that with the end of 2020 it would also mean that we would continue to put the COVID -19 behind us. However, despite pleas and warnings, we went from yellow phase to orange a few weeks ago and as of midnight Tuesday January 19, 2021 we moved to the red phase.

Although frustrating to many, we are not into full lockdown as we were last spring.  The Premier warns however that if cases continue to grow, full lock down could be the next step.

What does Red Phase mean?  You are asked to stay home as much as you possibly can and avoid interacting with people outside your household bubble. You will notice that it is a “household” bubble, not a ‘family” bubble – we cannot stress enough that this is a critical moment.

Under the Red Phase, gyms, hairdressers and entertainment centres must close and again we can’t stress this enough, everyone must stick to a single-household bubble. Dining must be takeout, drive-thru or delivery only, and elective surgeries and non-urgent medical procedures are postponed.

Because we are not in full lockdown many businesses that provide essential services (grocery stores etc.) will remain open but Dr. Russell is suggesting as she did last spring, if possible, only one person per household could go get groceries and other essentials.

The government has also decided that schools will remain open albeit with some new guidelines. New Red Phase rules for schools have been introduced, including:

Students and staff must stay home if they have even one symptom of COVID-19.

  • School staff will be screened for COVID-19 when they report to work each day.
  • If a positive case of COVID-19 is confirmed at a school in the red level, the school will be closed for at least three days to allow for contact tracing. The school would also become a testing site for school staff.

ASD-W sent an email to all parents outlining new directives for the Red Phase. We understand that maybe not all parents in our Village have access to email so we will provide a copy of the Directive to whomever requires one. Simply contact Cindy at the Village Office (368-2628) during normal business hours and she will make arrangements for you to pick up a copy at the Village Office. Office hours (Monday to Thursday 8-5 and Friday 8-12 – closed daily 12-1)

Thank you all for doing your part – Mayor and Council of Fredericton Junction