Village of Fredericton Junction

Horseman Rd Housing Proposal


The Village of Fredericton Junction is requesting proposals for the development of four (4) residential lots on Horseman Road in the Village of Fredericton Junction.

Property Description:

  • The lots are currently owned by the Village and identified as lots 2011-3 PID 60181229, 2011-4 PID 60181237, 2011-5 PID 60181245 and 2011-6 PID 60181252.
  • Currently the lots are wooded.
  • The Lots will be resurveyed in the near future to increase their size to 30 metres (100’) of width and 54 metres (180’) of depth with an area of 1620 square metres +/-.
  • All lots are serviced, with water and sewer connections located at the curb.


  • Proposals should be labeled Request for Proposal Housing Initiative Fredericton Junction and delivered to Regional Service Commission 11 Office before 2pm. on March 27, 2020.
  • Regional Service Commission 11 office is located at 860 Prospect Street, Fredericton, NB. Any inquiries may be made to Lonnie Forbes at 453-2956 or by e-mail to .

Proposals Should Include:

  • Business plan or model for the development proposal.
  • Type of housing proposed for the housing development. For example, site built, modular, style, etc. Will the housing be individually owned or rental units?
  • Time schedule to start the first unit and proposed length of time to complete all the units.
  • Proposed bid price for the lots and payment schedule.

The Village of Fredericton Junction will be evaluating the proposals in conjunction with Regional Service Commission 11 to determine which proposal if any best meets the future needs of the Village. The Village reserves the right to reject all proposals if in the opinion of the Village a proposal is not received that meets the requirements of the Village.

Cindy Ogden, Clerk

Village of Fredericton Junction