Village of Fredericton Junction

2023 Citizen of the Year

So as the saying goes this person shows up for anything sleet, nor snow, nor rain keeps this individual from serving his community.  He is seen in MANY places within the village either working or helping out at all our main organizations and a few businesses. 

  • Shoveling snow off the Curling Club Steps
  • Running Bingo, darts or a crib at the Legion
  • calling bingo in Hoyt
  • working at the bowling alley or any event at Tricounty
  • Mowing lawns and shoveling at the Legion Estates
  • Plus working at Sunbury Drive and Sunbury Diner; helping out wherever he is needed.
  • There is probably areas that he serves that I am also not aware of but we know he does go above and beyond whenever he is asked.

He most recently relocated from Tracy to Fredericton Junction where he continues his ever-helping nature.  He is definitely an asset to our community, and he is much deserving of this year’s Citizen of the Year award for 2023 – Mr. Bernie Mott.