Village of Fredericton Junction

Water Conservation Request

Water Conservation Request

The way our water system works is that the tower feeds the demand of the residents. When the tower level gets to a certain level, our main well kicks in to help supply the demand as well as fill the tower back up. This Well is only allowed to pump 109 cubic meters of water or be on for 8 hours, whichever comes first. Should the demand for water exceeds this amount, our backup well will kick in.

With the drought all summer, a fire which the fire dept had to use the hydrant to obtain water and the last heavy rains, the back up well became contaminated, which caused the boil order. This well is still currently off line and will remain off line until the source of contamination is completely cleaned up.

This means only the main well is supplying the village with water. This well is not keeping up with the daily water demands or supplying the tower with water. The low water condition is an extreme concern.

 Therefore, Council is urgently requesting that residents conserve water as much as possible until conditions improve. We have a list of conservation tips that you could use to conserve water on the reverse side of this notice, our web site at and our Facebook page.

Staff are working closely with our Consultants, the Departments of Health and Environment on these issues. Also, Council is looking at finding other sources of water.

Again, Council and staff would like to thank all residents for doing their part in helping to conserve as much water as possible and for your patience.