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Sunbury West School Update 2020

Home and School
Our Home and School wants to thank everyone that is supporting our school. Their fundraisers were very successful. Raffle baskets – $1114, House Tour -$863, VIP Seats- $255.
Kindergarten Registration
Although the official registration period is over, you can still register for the 2020/2021 school year. Please see Miss Marilyn in the office to register. It is important to register early so that your child can participate in all the Pre-K Activities.
K – 2 Games Club
K-2 are looking to start a games club at recess time. We would appreciate any donations of any games that you may have (i.e. connect four, snakes and ladders, twister, guess who, etc.) thank-you!
Buses/School Yard
Just a reminder, when the buses are in the school yard, they have their flashing lights on. It is illegal to pass a bus with the lights on. Further, vehicles are not to come into our school yard during bus loading and unloading time.
Also, the parking spot at the front of the school closest to the front doors is a wheelchair parking spot. Please respect its purpose.
Head Checks
This is the time of year that we request you do frequent head checks. Make sure your children know not to share hats/clothing as this is quite often how the little nits travel.
Kids Closet
The Beyond the Hurt Group with Support from Guidance, Ms. O’Donnell, are preparing a “Kid’s Closet” in their meeting room.
The Kids Closet is open for any student and/or parent to browse for articles of clothing and footwear that might be needed
We have a good beginning but are still accepting gently used and worn articles of clothing. All items are free.
3 – 5 After School Clubs
BeyBlade Club! Grade 3-5 students love their weekly after school activities. If you or someone you know have an idea for a potential after school activity and are willing to volunteer your time and skill, please contact Mrs. Smith (
Middle Level Hockey Game
The Middle Level Team is planning a trip to Saint John to watch a Saint John Seadogs hockey game on Friday, January 24th. Snow date for this event is Friday, Feb. 7th. Cost of this event is $20.00 per person which includes ticket and bus transportation. The game begins at 7 pm so we will leave the school at 5:15 pm.
POD Celebrations
Pod groups have been established to offer multi-age/grade groupings where students and staff come
together to work on common goals. Examples of activities have included buddy reading, gratitude
projects, school wide picnic in the gym, Christmas celebrations, etc.
These learning opportunities allow for students to build healthy, safe relationships with fellow students,
staff and community members.
K – 2 Clusters
To celebrate the holidays, the K-2’s enjoyed 6 different clusters involving numeracy, literacy and art.
Pictured are students working on their engineering skills to construct sturdy shelves for elves!
Buddy Reading
The K-2’s scattered the halls of their wing and enjoyed reading with each other and the teachers!