Village of Fredericton Junction

December 2017 Newsletter

2018 Budget

Council has finalized and adopted the 2018 budget. The tax rate remains at $1.3292. However, as a result of the well issues, the water and sewer rates will be increasing by $15 a quarter beginning the March 1st billing.  The new rate will be $125 quarterly. For those with water only, the new rate will be $65 quarterly and the capital rate will be $95 quarterly. Interest rate will remain at 2% per month for all balances over 30 days.

Christmas Office Hours

During the Holiday season, the Village Office will be closed from Friday Dec 22nd to Monday January 1st. The office will reopen on Tuesday January 2nd, 2018. Should there be an issue, please contact your local Councillor.

Emergency Contact Numbers

With the many different options available for phone service, the office no longer has up-to-date phone numbers for residents should there be an emergency. To be added to the emergency calling list, please forward a good phone number to the office. Email is also a good contact option. Please forward your email to the village office.


Just a reminder that ATV’s snowmobiles and side by sides are not permitted on the sidewalks. It makes it harder for snow removal and residents to walk on.

Home Fire Safety Tips for the Christmas Season

.. Make sure your smoke detectors are working and the batteries are changed every 6 months.

.. Get a freshly cut tree if using a real one and keep watered.

.. Choose decorations that are flame-retardant, non-

combustible and non-conductive.

.. Use CSA certified light sets.

.. Avoid burning wrapping paper in the fire place or wood stoves. They burn too rapidly and generate too much heat.

.. Avoid overloading wall outlets or extension cords.


Council & Staff would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year


Conserving Water

While we continue to work to get our back up well online, residents are reminded to continue to conserve water

Winter Maintenance

With the winter season upon us, the maintenance of the roads and sidewalks will be a priority. Please avoid blowing or plowing snow onto the roads and sidewalks when cleaning your driveways. To avoid water pipes from freezing and breaking, make sure your water pipes are well insulated and heating cords are working properly. Also make sure any outside taps are turned off.

Dog Tags

ALL dogs within the Village are required to have a dog tag. Tags can be purchased at the Village Office. Should there be an issue with a dog, please contact the NB SPCA at 1-877-722-1522 or the Village Office.

Fire Dept. Calendars

The 2018 Fire Dept. calendars have arrived. For those who did not order a calendar or wish an extra, calendars can be picked up at the Village Office. Cost is $10.

Thank you for supporting your local Volunteer Fire Department.