Village of Fredericton Junction


This will be the 26th year for the Christmas Family Assistance project, which was organized in 1997 as a joint effort between the local community churches. To date we have assisted almost 334 families with a generous Christmas food order or gift cards from major grocery stores. We anticipate a higher demand this year with the increased cost of living and food. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are in need.

All families in the Fredericton Junction, Tracy, Hoyt and Wirral/Enniskillen area are eligible provided they are not receiving assistance from any other agency. If you wish to submit a family name for assistance (your own or someone else), please contact one of the following persons by December 3, 2022:

Gary Mersereau 368-7740

Joni Burtt 368-2772 (email preferred:, or FB private message)

Crys Myrie 999-7119

Shara Golden 368-2287

Please note: if you are applying on behalf of another family, please make sure that family is open to receiving help. All names are kept confidential.